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Comparing Commercial Roofing Systems

When getting commercial roofing systems, it’s important that you understand the types, how long your roofing can last, and more. Knowing these things can make sure that you’re able to hire for the right project size. Our team of experts at VLR Homes, LLC can help you make the best choice and take care of the work. Call us today at 423-493-3636 to find out more or get an estimate!

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Types of Commercial Roofing

Here are some of the different types of commercial roofing systems that are often used:

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

The TPO roofing system is a single-ply system. It’s used for commercial buildings and is made up of reinforced scrim and a single layer of synthetic materials. This is applied to roofing in a single layer for faster installation.

There are both pros and cons of using any type of roofing system. Here is more information on TPO:

  •         Reflects the UV rays.
  •         It’s not as expensive as other roofing systems.
  •         Can be put on the roof quicker.
  •         Saves on manufacturing costs.
  •         It’s better than it was in the past.
  •         Has 45-mil, 60-mil and 90-mil thickness.
  •         Lasts 10 years to 25 years.

More Roofing Systems

More Roofing Systems

Here are some other roofing systems that are often used on commercial buildings:

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC is a single-ply roofing material and is used for commercial buildings. It’s high quality and is used to restore roofing with longevity. It can last longer than materials like TPO. This is made of white material, so it’s naturally reflective of the sun.

There are both pros and cons when using PVC such as:

  •         Blocks UV rays.
  •         It’s an older type of material.
  •         Can be more expensive than TPO.
  •         Lasts between 15 and 30 years but depends on how it is installed and the mil thickness.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer)

  •         Single-ply.
  •         Original materials.
  •         Made of black material but can come in white.
  •         Comes in 45-mil or 60-mil thickness.
  •         Great for colder climates.
  •         It’s made with rubber, so it’s flexible.
  •         Made by places such as Firestone.
  •         Can last for 25 years or more.
  •         The seams sometimes fail.
  •         It’s not heat-welded at the seams.
  •         Needs thicker material if having equipment on the roof.
  •         Comes in 50-foot rolls.
  •         Two methods, tape or glue.

Metal Roofing

  •         Comes in R-panels and standing seam.
  •         Standing seam has a tall rib.
  •         The fasteners on the standing seam are hidden.
  •         Standing seam is usually used in high end buildings.
  •         R-panels are more common.
  •         R-panel metal roofs are lower cost.
  •         Standing seam is more expensive.
  •         R-panel has the fasteners exposed.
  •         Fasteners can become loosened over time due to thermal movement.
  •         Can last up to 50 years or more.
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Build Up Your Roofing with BUR

BUR (Built-Up Roofing)

  •         Oldest kind of commercial roofing.
  •         Made of layers of asphalt.
  •         It’s called a 4-ply because it has 4 layers.
  •         Can last up to 50 years.
  •         Great for different kinds of climates.
  •         Works great for foot traffic.
  •         It’s very durable, but not as flexible.
  •         Can be ruined by the sun (Causes cracks and degradation).
  •         Uses kettle heat up to 400 plus degrees.

Modified Bitumen (Mod Bit)

  •         Made of rubber and plastic polymers.
  •         It’s a traditional roofing.
  •         Has granulated or smooth layers.
  •         UV resistant.
  •         Durable for foot traffic.
  •         It’s one of the stronger types of commercial roofing.
  •         Easy to restore.
  •         Cost is the biggest reason people refuse this kind of roofing.
  •         Takes a long time to install, but it usually lasts around 20 years.
  •         Expensive to make.
  •         Is applied with cold adhesive, torch-applied or hot-mopped.
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