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Beautiful Decks in Chattanooga, TN

If you’re considering building a deck onto your home or you’re looking for ways to make the one you have better, we at VLR Homes know a thing or two. From adding tiers to meeting IRC codes and lighting, we can help your Chattanooga, TN deck installation meet your vision.

One of the biggest mistakes with decks is size, but your deck should complement your home. That means that a smaller home with a small yard can have a small deck that feels spacious when the area is utilized properly.

When you contact us, we’ll discuss how much space you’ve got to work with and determine the best Chattanooga, TN deck installation that will fit your home. Whatever size, we want to know how you plan to use your deck.

If you plan to host a lot of gatherings or relax in the moonlight, these ideas will affect our direction to make sure that you get exactly what you need out of your deck.

Multilevel Decks in Chattanooga, TN

If your backyard is big enough, one cool feature you might want is a multi-tiered deck. These different elevations help designate areas for various activities like grilling or just hanging out. However, you don’t have to have a big yard to pull this off.

It was mentioned before, but it’s about how you utilize the space. When you reach out, we might suggest something like bench seating built into the deck to open it up and prevent the need for extra furniture taking up room.

Meeting Codes for Decks in Chattanooga, TN

When it comes to your Chattanooga, TN deck installation, other contractors might not know the International Residential Code or they’ll ignore it to cut corners. You’re in good hands with VLR Homes, because we understand that the guidelines are there for your safety.

For example, many decks are installed with rails that have pickets 4 feet apart. However, the IRC code stipulates that there can be no more than 3 feet and ⅞” apart to reinforce the structure. This is just one way that you can trust VLR Homes to keep you safe.

Lighting for Decks in Chattanooga, TN

One of the most underutilized functions of a deck comes at night, because so many owners don’t have lighting on their decks. It can be tempting to do it yourself, like so many do with floating decks, but we know how to reach a wanted aesthetic while giving the best lighting.

Lights are important because they let you use the deck that you put money into building throughout the night, but they also add security for you and your home. The best news is that we know all the options out there to fit whatever look you want.

You can string lights on railing, hang rope lights between posts, hang chandeliers, light the seats and benches, or even install cap lights on your posts to also protect them from the weather. For your Chattanooga, TN deck installation, let us help you get creative!

Decks in Chattanooga, TN and Shade

While lights are great for the night, you can always use the sun during the day. There are a lot of negative thoughts about the sun, but the truth is you can use it to your advantage if you set up your deck properly.

If your deck is big enough, we can install a section for shade and one to be sunny because we all know someone that’s always cold no matter how hot it is. With a smaller deck, you can figure out when you plan to be out there the most and we’ll build around that.

Whatever your vision, call VLR Homes today and let us help you plan how to best meet your needs with a Chattanooga, TN deck installation! Don’t put off your dream of relaxing on your own deck any longer.


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We have engaged Francisco and VLR Homes 3 times now. From painting the house, remodeling a master bath and constructing a screened in porch area they have responded with quality work at a fair price. When things came up like they always do, VLR had a solution (some panels of 50 year old siding replaced with Tyvek and up to code replacement). Again, at a fair price and done right the first time. Francisco is responsive with the good and the bad news straight up and always with a plan. We intend to use VLR in the future for projects large or small.

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