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Our office is located in Soddy Daisy, TN and we also proudly serve the following areas: Hixson, Red Bank, Lupton City, Sale Creek, Walden, Signal Mountain, Bakewell, Harrison, Dayton, Ooltewah, and Graysville.

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Francisco's Background

After more than three decades in the corporate world of administration Francisco Romero had worked his way up the corporate ladder and into a position of management. Like many others, after such lengthy service he found himself abruptly laid off. Overqualified and in the midst of a recession Francisco found himself needing to make a change in his profession.

In June of 2012 he was in contact with a roofing company in Cleveland. He was given an opportunity by the owner, who referred to Francisco as “coachable.” He was clear with his intention during their initial meeting: to learn the trade and then start his own roofing company.

In good faith and with intentions clear, Francisco learned how to measure a roof, manage a crew, and service the customer. After a short while  he reminded his boss of the original agreement, to which he said, “God bless you, and good luck.”

So I started Romero Roofing and Services – The first three months were a struggle I survived by the help of heaven. With the experience I had gained and a bit of capital I was able to invest in some advertising which paid off well.

Francisco says, “By 2014 I had become firmly established. Not only had I built up all of the office equipment needed to do this job at a high level, but I also had found a very capable crew. This crew is still with me to this day, and their skill and trustworthiness is a big part of the foundation of the service we provide.”

In 2015 Francisco expanded into a larger variety of services including remodeling. In 2018 he and his daughter had a discussion – it was time to retire. She took over the business along with her husband and Francisco’s son, John.

Company History

Retirement, sitting idle, and the age-old American saying, “Gone Fishin’” wasn’t the lifestyle for Francisco, though, and he became somewhat restless as the months wore on. 

When Francisco’s daughter Veronica passed away he had a long discussion with his wife. To honor her, they started VLR Homes, LLC – which are her initials: Veronica Lucia Romero. They officially opened their doors on September 29th, 2019.

His kids were concerned that they would be in competition, but they quickly found they are able to work together in the same market without being in direct competition. He also assured them that if they treat the customer right, like he had always done, that they would be lifelong customers and refer plenty of business their way.

Francisco says, “What people like the most about us… is the fact that we take our time with our presentation, we don’t use any sort of sales tactics, and offer choices. I don’t leave the job site until the customer is 100% completely satisfied, and if they ever have any questions, I’m only a phone call away.”


Meet Soraya Romero, Office Manager and Co-Owner

Currently in the eleventh grade, Soraya is preparing to go to college to study business administration. She approached Francisco about getting some real-world experience by working in an administrative capacity for VLR Homes, LLC.. She helps with the insurance companies, helps to file the appropriate paperwork, and helps to manage accounts payable and receivable.

Hello VLR Homes LLC, Current and Future Customers

We are genuinely concerned with the Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID-19) for yours and our wellbeing with this challenge we are all facing as a Small Business.

We are currently performing exterior work; we are not doing interior work for the time being until further notice.

We are following the CDC guidelines as necessary to protect you as the consumer, our crews and ourselves.

It is our commitment and responsibility to assist you with your project, however at this time we will be very slow to schedule appointments.

Sincerely: Francisco Romero: Founder