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Selecting the right gutters for your home not only can prevent water damage, but also add appeal to the outside of your home. Styles such as copper and zinc gutters tend to cost more upfront, therefore, many homeowners opt for white aluminum or vinyl gutters as they are more budget friendly. Let’s learn about the different types and styles of gutters available so that you can make the best choice for your home.


K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters are the most common kind of gutter on the market and come with a curved appearance with a resemblance to crown molding. For most style homes, k-style gutters provide the best drainage when it rains and are the most common choice among homeowners. K-style gutters come in widths of either five or six inches and are typically installed with rectangular downspouts. 

Half-Round Gutters

Typically found on older brick homes, half-round gutters are semicircular with a curved lip. While half-round gutters are great options for catching rainwater, they are not the best at draining the water away from your home. Much like k-style gutters, half-round gutters come in widths of five or six inches, but work best with round downspouts as opposed to square ones. 


Gutter downspouts are three to six inches and should be installed for every 35 feet of gutter. A larger downspout is going to drain more water quickly, but downspouts that are too large will look unattractive on the home. Downspouts come in shapes of rectangular, rounded, or squared with rectangular downspouts being the most common. 



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Popular Materials for Gutter Installation in Sale Creek, TN

Gutter Sizes

Standard five inch k-style gutters will be able to handle typical rainfall of most regions in the US, however, if needed, additional downspouts or oversized downspouts can be added to improve the drainage of your jitters in areas with higher than average rainfall. 

Gutter Materials

There are six materials that can be used as gutters, aluminum, vinyl, copper, zinc and steel. 

Aluminum is the most popular choice as it is lightweight, rust proof and has an array of color options to choose from. Aluminum gutters can be purchased as seamed or seamless, 

Seamless aluminum gutters have a higher upfront cost, but are made custom on-site and offer fewer or no leaks. 

Vinyl gutters are attractive on most homes and are budget friendly while providing a few different color options. 

Zinc gutters are rust proof and longer lasting and more durable than aluminum gutters and must be welded to be installed. Zinc gutters come in a matte gray color that looks great on very upscale, luxury, or historical style homes. 

Steel is the sixth option and is rust-resistant rather than rustproof with its galvanized or stainless steel construction. Steel gutters can also be constructed using Galvalume, which is a specialty product. Steel gutters offer many colors to choose from and are durable and long lasting. 


Gutter Accessories 

There are many accessories available for your gutters to help increase their drainage ability and make them more durable. 

Gutter guards and debris barriers prevent most leaves and other debris from getting in the gutter through the use of mesh screens or aluminum hoods. If debris does happen to find its way into your gutter, cleaning tools are available to remove blockages and debris. 

For houses with deep overhangs, rain chains are a great option to lead water from the gutter directly to the ground. 

For heavy storms, conductor heads allow for more time for downspouts to drain the water. 

Lastly, downspout brackets can be used to protect gutters from the wind by securing them to the house, Downspout brackets can come in different styles or finishes to match your home. 

Choosing the correct gutter for your home is an important decision as it is needed to drain the rain water away from your home. Gutters can come in either k-style or half-rounded designs and a choice of six different materials such as aluminum, seamless aluminum, vinyl, copper, zinc, or steel. Aluminum and vinyl gutters are the most popular for most homeowners as they are durable and budget-friendly.

Upscale style homes will look better with a zinc or copper style gutter. It is important to choose the best gutter for your home so that it can match the style of your home and most importantly, drain the rain water away effectively.  If you need your gutters repaired or replaced, contact us and we’ll pick and install the best gutters for your home. 

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