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Time is one thing that waits for no one, and the fact is that your roof will need replacing at some point. When that happens, you might have to decide between complete stripping and replacement or just adding a second layer on top of the existing one.
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Layers on Layers
Laying one or two layers over an existing roof used to be commonplace, but there are laws against having that work done in some areas. These regions or counties will need your roof taken off before applying new materials, which is why you’ll want to check the paperwork.
Even if you have the option of adding a layer on top, though, there are still several considerations to make before going forward. Once you’ve made up your mind on roof replacement, feel free to give VLR Homes a call!
Weighing In
Weight on your roof is one of the most important things to consider, because when you start adding layers or changing materials it can become dangerous.

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What some homeowners don’t know is that the structure of your home is designed to hold a certain amount of weight, accounting for roofing materials weighing more than others, debris build-up, and rainfall. All of these add to the weight on your roof and can cause a problem.
For example, asphalt shingles don’t weigh too much but when you add a second or even third layer of the material it can lead to a cave-in if the wood underneath isn’t strong enough. This is especially true in houses that have been around for a while.
If your roof needs replacing, it might also mean there’s water damage that can weaken the foundation and layering might prove to be a mistake. Of course, that’s all assuming you can layer in your location.
Even if you can’t, you’ll need to consider the weight of your materials. Slate weighs 3 times as much as asphalt shingles, with clay being another heavy one, so choose carefully on what you replace your roofing with.
Making Waves
This is more of an aesthetic issue, but if there are any malformations on your roof they can make a new layer have the same problems. Over time, the sun exposure and lifespan can cause bubbling or lost nails.
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It’s a simple matter of patching things up beforehand, but you’ll want to make sure that’s part of the layering process if you decide to go that route.
Money is always a factor in any construction project, especially around the house, so it should be no surprise to anyone that layering or replacing your roof involves a monetary consideration.
If your contractors are paid for time, your wallet’s better off with a shorter project. When replacing a roof, they’ll have to strip the old materials off, inspect the wood, fix anything wrong, and lay down a new surface. A new layer just involves the last part.

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Now, a team of pros won’t take much longer doing the replacement than they would with a layering, but it can take longer. If you’re trying to save money and do it without hiring anyone, you’ll especially think about layering as a viable option.
Speaking of hiring professionals, though, we strongly recommend it. Not only will they generally do it much faster than you would, even with the help of friends, but they’ll make sure it’s done right the first time. They’re used to working on rooftops with safety equipment, so they can work in weather that would be ill-advised for you, and they’ll know what they’re looking at for any inspections. Not to mention, the cost difference really isn’t that much.
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We have engaged Francisco and VLR Homes 3 times now. From painting the house, remodeling a master bath and constructing a screened in porch area they have responded with quality work at a fair price. When things came up like they always do, VLR had a solution (some panels of 50 year old siding replaced with Tyvek and up to code replacement). Again, at a fair price and done right the first time. Francisco is responsive with the good and the bad news straight up and always with a plan. We intend to use VLR in the future for projects large or small.

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