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Styles and Types of Roofs
Your roof is one of the biggest sources of protection between your home and the elements, so choosing the style should be an important decision. The good news is that there are several options available for your consideration, so let’s get started.
The idea behind this style is more modern than most, which is perfect for some personalities. It’s an uneven structure, where one side is much longer than the other. The most-common way to see this is in homes with a second story on only one side.

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This style is exactly as the name suggests: The sides of your roof will angle up into a point, like a pyramid. However, it’s usually only over sections or a single room like the garage. There are a couple similar choices on this list, but if you like the architecture of Egypt this is for you.
If that sounds like a French word to you, you’d be right. This Parisian style has 2 slopes on either side of your roof, with the lower one having a higher angle. The best benefit of this style is the amount of room it gives for storage, or you might even be able to fit a room up there!
Similar to the pyramid concept of being applied to a single area of your roof, skillion refers to one, long slope. This distinct style can make your home stand out in the neighborhood or provide a great surface for solar panels to be installed.
One of the most minimalistic designs you could pick for your roof, the flat roof actually has a slight angle for water runoff. The bad news is that it takes more work to keep leaves from building up, but the good news is that you can put a garden up there or sunbathe.
You’ll probably see this style of roof more often than not, especially in the United States. Having triangular designs across your roof, this style is very practical for runoff and weather resistance while providing room for an attic or storage.
This additional space up top is also great for lighting and ventilation, which reinforces how well your roof can hold up to melting snow. Another reason this is more common is because of the low cost, but strong winds are known to affect shingles on a gable roof more.
As with the pyramid roof, the butterfly style is true to its namesake. This one looks unique by having 2 parts angled in at the center to look like butterfly wings. Having the outside edges sloped upward gives options for better window designs.
This allows more heat in during the winter, but can see an obvious downside if it’s too hot. Butterfly roofs are more common in areas with less rainfall, because the downward-sloping design allows for water collection.
They’re more expensive, but environmentally-friendly, and most homeowners with this design opt for solar panels to make money over time.
Most similar to the pyramid style, a hip roof has 4 sides that meet at the top. Unlike a pyramid, though, the hip components join along a ridge with each piece having an inward-slope. This makes the roof more resistant to strong winds and provides room for a single room at the top.
If you like the gable and hip designs but aren’t entirely sold on either, this is the one for you. That’s because these have more room than the slopes of a hip roof while better wind-resistance than a gable style. The big negative is that the cost goes up with the imagination.


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