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Your roof is responsible for protecting you and your home from the elements, so it’s a good thing that most policies cover a roof replacement. However, there’s some confusion on what it’s covered for and how to better the chances of a successful claim.
What You Can Claim
The majority of homeowners insurance policies will cover your roof for any natural disasters, from a hurricane to a tornado. They usually also deal with man-made disasters, like a helicopter landing through your roof. In these cases, you’ll probably get a partial or full reimbursement.
However, in situations where the damage to your roof is minimal you might not be as covered as you think. If wind blows a few shingles off your roof, that might only be considered “cosmetic” and fall outside of your insurance.
The same goes for a leak that could be found after a huge downpour, because they could say it’s due to your roof beginning to weaken before the storm. General wear on your roof isn’t usually covered for replacement, though the foundation and items in your home probably are.

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Time Will Tell
Just like vehicles, roofing insurance is restricted after a period of time. It’s usually around 20 years for a roof, when insurance will only pay for what the roof is worth rather than a replacement.
Keep in mind that you’ll still be responsible for any deductible before your insurance will cover anything. Older homes tend to have a higher deductible, as do homes with certain dangerous conditions. Depending where you live, you’ll want to pay for better coverage or specific insurance.
What Can You Do?
As mentioned before, anything considered “wear and tear” falls on the owner’s shoulders and this classification can be pretty broad. That means you’re responsible for a lot of the upkeep as well as keeping track of how long materials are meant to last.

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There are other conditions that can void a policy, so always make sure to use licensed contractors and have inspections done routinely on your roof. VLR Homes offers a free estimate and inspection for just that reason, because we don’t want you to be caught off-guard.
Clear leaves and excess off your roof often, because they can build water up in your gutters and tear up your roof. Overgrown branches can scratch shingles up, so trim and prune any nearby trees.
Always be sure to do a thorough check of your roof after a major storm or weather change, because you don’t want the insurance company to say water damage contributed to a situation due to a missing shingle.

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Making a Claim
To better your chances of success with an insurance claim, there are several things that you can do. By keeping track of life spans of materials, you’ll want to replace anything that reaches 25 years of use.
Consistent maintenance and inspections are valuable tools of the claim, as are quality products and manufacturers. If you’re not sure about the best market materials, or have questions about anything, contact VLR Homes for some recommendations.
Always make sure to save documentation or photographic evidence of any repairs, maintenance work, or inspections that you’ve had done. It’s also a good idea to have a picture before the work was done to show proof.
With that paperwork in hand, call your insurance company for an inspection so that they can examine the situation. An insurance inspector will assess your roof and make their judgement, so any files you have will be useful for your case.
Reduce Your Costs
Whatever your insurance company decides, it’s a good idea to lower your costs where possible for a partial or complete roof replacement. The latter can be as much as $700 for a single square foot, but you can usually find a contractor for less than half that with some research.
Obviously, the material of choice affects the cost. While the above numbers are for asphalt shingles, metal and slate are more expensive. Other factors that can increase costs are roof size and the time of year.
The end of winter through spring are great times to have work done, because they usually receive a discount. Summer is the busiest time, and also the hottest. With that in mind, you’ll also want to look at different contractors and companies for the work.
Don’t settle for the first one you look at, but also don’t accept a number that seems drastically lower because that could mean less quality in the work. Doing some of the work yourself can lower costs significantly, too, because that means less time to pay the contractor.
If you decide to replace the roof yourself, to save time you might want to layer instead of stripping and replacing the materials. It’s called overlaying, and a second layer can save hours of work.
Just bear in mind that this method will increase any replacement costs in the future because a company will have to remove two layers of materials. Also, some manufacturers don’t allow for overlaying in their warranty contracts.
Whatever you decide, if you’re trying to get a roof replacement, find the right contractor, shop for materials, or need help dealing with your insurance company, don’t hesitate to give VLR Homes a call and let us help you with the whole process!


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