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Secure Roof Replacement in Red Bank, TX

There are a lot of reasons that you’ll eventually need a new roof, whether it’s due to age or damages. While insurance coverage can vary depending on the policy and the circumstances, most policies will cover major natural disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes. However, coverage for minor cosmetic damages can be more limited. 

If you haven’t checked the fine print of your homeowner’s policy in a while, you might want to. In some cases, insurance companies may link these cosmetic damages to preexisting conditions with your roof, which can make it more difficult to get coverage. It’s important to review your insurance policy carefully to understand what types of damages are covered. 

You should always work with a trusted contractor like VLR Homes, LLC to make sure that your roof is properly maintained, and any necessary repairs are made as soon as possible. We’ll work with your insurance and make sure that your roof replacement in Red Bank, TX goes smoothly when you call us today!

Reliable Roof Replacement in Red Bank, TN

It’s important to review your homeowner’s insurance policy to understand what it covers and what it doesn’t. If your insurance policy covers roof replacement, the amount you receive could depend on the age and condition of your roof. For example, if your roof is at least 20 years old, your insurance may only pay for the actual cash value of the roof.

Most coverage policies also have a deductible that needs to be paid before your insurance will do its part. Depending on the cost of your deductible, it may only be worth a claim for a full roof replacement. Our experts at VLR Homes, LLC will inspect your roof and recommend the best course of action.

If you’re concerned about your insurance coverage for a roof replacement, you may want to consider adding additional coverage. Having a separate policy specifically for your roof could save you in the long-run, but when you need a new roof, give our team a call now!

Quality Roof Replacement in Red Bank, TN

You need to make sure you hire a licensed contractor like VLR Homes, LLC to avoid voiding your insurance. We’ll give your roof a regular inspection and maintenance to prevent major damages and diagnose problems. Anything we do find, you can trust that you’ll get a fair estimate.
When you let our experts maintain your roof, we’ll take simple steps to help. To prevent clogged gutters, we’ll clear debris and leaves off of your roof. Long branches can tear off shingles, so we’ll trim any overgrown limbs.
By doing minor maintenance and roof repair, we can extend the life of your roof and increase the chances of a successful replacement claim. It’s also important to look over your roof after a storm for signs of damages. The longer you wait for our inspection, the more likely your insurance could call it preexisting, so call us today to make an appointment!

Red Bank, TN Roof Replacement When You Need it

Working with an experienced contractor like VLR Homes, LLC can increase your chances of a successful insurance claim. We understand the claims process and we’ll work with your insurance company so that you receive maximum coverage for your roof replacement. There are also a few steps that you can take to improve your chances. Knowing how long your roofing materials are supposed to last is important, because it can help you determine when it’s time for a replacement. Once your roofing materials are over 25 years old, it’s a good idea to replace them to prevent potential damage.

Regular inspections and maintenance can also help prevent damage and ensure that your roof is in good condition. Our team recommend quality roofing materials for better durability so they’ll hold up better against what would be considered cosmetic wear. Keeping files and pictures of any roof work, including maintenance, roof repair, and before and after pictures, can also be helpful. When your insurance company sends their own inspector, it’s important to have all relevant documentation handy. 

The Price is Right

Choosing the right roofing contractor and materials can help minimize the cost of your new roof. Asphalt shingles are a popular and affordable option, but there are more expensive materials to choose from, like metal or slate. The best time to have your roof replaced is between the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. The size of your roof can also have an impact on the cost, since it takes more materials. While it may be tempting to try to fix things yourself to save money, doing so could potentially make the damage worse or void your warranties. You could also fall and get hurt, so it’s not worth the risk. 

Our professional contractors like VLR Homes, LLC will make sure that your roof replacement is done safely and efficiently. Our team has the experience and equipment needed to quickly handle removal and installation of your roofing, helping to save you money on labor when possible. We’ll recommend quality materials from the best manufacturers and work with your budget. When you want to be satisfied with your roof replacement in Red Bank, TN, call us today and schedule your estimate!


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We have engaged Francisco and VLR Homes 3 times now. From painting the house, remodeling a master bath and constructing a screened in porch area they have responded with quality work at a fair price. When things came up like they always do, VLR had a solution (some panels of 50 year old siding replaced with Tyvek and up to code replacement). Again, at a fair price and done right the first time. Francisco is responsive with the good and the bad news straight up and always with a plan. We intend to use VLR in the future for projects large or small.

-Paul N. in Hixson, TN

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