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The 2 underlayment styles to choose from are synthetic and natural.

We’re going to go over the main differences between the underlayments to help you choose. If you’d rather talk to one of our trained roofing experts, though, call us at 423-493-3636 about your roof installation in Walden, TN.

The reason you might want to know about the different underlayments is because each one has pros and cons. You also might just want to know what underlayment is if you’re new to roofing.
What’s Underlayment For?
If you’re a new homeowner or just never had a reason to fix it up, you might not be as familiar with the layers of your roof. The underlayment is a protective layer between the actual wood of your roof and the outside materials.
The reason that it’s so important is because shingles won’t stay on forever and you want extra protection from leaks. Underlayment is designed to absorb water and keep moisture away from the wood structure.
Which underlayment you go with can have a huge impact on your roofing protection, so it’s an important choice. As you read, think about your roof’s structure, the budget you have to work with, and your location.

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Benefits of Felt
The main underlayment that relies on natural fibers is felt, a reliable material that’s seen years of confirmation. What many homeowners don’t know, though, is that there are 2 types of natural underlayment.


These fall into 2 categories: No. 15 and No. 30. The most common one is No. 15 because of its low cost, but No. 30 is a solid upgrade. By being a thicker layer, No. 30 can take more water and weather in case a shingle falls off.

 If you go with natural underlayment either No. is a good option, because they’re both cost-effective and do a decent job of keeping your roof safe. However, it’s not perfect for everyone and here are some reasons why:


It does a good job as underlayment until the shingles above come off, but once that happens felt sucks up water easily. Because of that, you’ll need to replace the felt quickly and cover it. The good thing about the price of felt being low, though, is that it’s also cheap to replace.

Before you consider your decision too hard, though, we recommend checking your homeowner’s agreement. Felt isn’t accepted for every household and some roofing companies won’t keep their warranty if you don’t use synthetic, so it could be a moot point.


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A New Breed of Underlayment
In recent years, we’ve been using synthetic underlayment as an optional alternative to felt. Science creates a bond between the polymers that make it stronger against damage and water absorption, which makes it last longer and bring more protection.
One of the added benefits of synthetic is how easy it is to work with and install, because that means you might spend less on labor. Another trait that synthetic brings to the table is that it can be torn better than natural underlayment. Still, it’s not perfect either.

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One odd thing about how synthetic is made is that it’s not as consistent, so some manufacturers will have better underlayment than others. If you want some suggestions or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.
It may sound like synthetic underlayment is better than felt across the board, but there’s one area where there’s not even a competition: Cost. While it’s true that synthetic will hold up longer and be better against weather, you’ll definitely be paying for that increase. Felt, on the other hand, can be installed and replaced for probably less than a single installation of synthetic. So, while one is stronger and provides better protection, each underlayment type has its own set of pros and cons. When you’re ready for underlayment or have any questions, call VLR Homes today and schedule your free estimate!
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