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We say only the best because that’s exactly what Smartside siding provides. From an array of colors and styles to choose from to excellent performance and an unparalleled warranty, VLR Homes, LLC installs the best siding for your home with pride.

The SmartSide lineup features engineered wood strand technology that offers superior protection against hail, wind, moisture, fungal decay and termites. We treat each home like our own, so if we didn’t think it was the best we wouldn’t use it. Don’t wait another second to contact us and get started installing the best protection siding for your home!

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Everyone is friendly and does very professional work. They are always prompt, and when they were finished, cleaned up everything. I would recommend them to anyone and will surely use them if we need more work.
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High quality and professional work was done every day and all the time. We have future jobs coming up. They will definitely be the ones we use.
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Eligible siding projects can save up to $300!
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Choose the Winning Side for Siding Replacement in Red Bank, TN

Every siding contractor in Red Bank, TN wants your business and we know the only way to compete is to be better than everyone. Still, whether or not you choose us, we care about helping with your decision.

There are a few things to think about when choosing a siding contractor in Red Bank, TN. Would a monthly payment plan ease your financial concerns about siding installation in Red Bank, TN? Does the company you’re looking at offer multiple services beyond siding replacement in Red Bank, TN? What are their reviews like as a siding contractor in Red Bank, TN and how many positive ones are there?

We wouldn’t claim to be the best or ask these questions if we couldn’t back it up. Not only do we provide financing options, but you can look at our overwhelming positive reviews for the quality of our siding installation in Red Bank, TN.

Types of Siding Materials

There are five main options when it comes to siding: Vinyl, metal, fiber cement, wood, and, our personal favorite, LP Smartside Siding. If you’re not familiar with the differences, let us put our experience to work and give some recommendations.

Vinyl is the material we use the most for replacements and installations. It’s a cheaper option with several factors to choose from for the look you want. Aside from the Smartside siding, vinyl is the one we recommend the most.

Metal is a good idea for certain situations, but not all homes need it and not all siding contractors in Red Bank, TN like to use it. We’re more than willing to install it if your home needs metal siding, though, so give us a call and find out what we recommend.

New technology is always more expensive and fiber cement is both. It does look similar to wood and withstand a lot of punishment, but the price is not something we can recommend. On that note, wood siding is also not one we push unless you want your home to have a certain aesthetic.

We said we’re proud to install the LP Smartside Siding and that’s why it’s the product we always recommend. From the variety of colors to choose from to the versatile cedar and smooth texture options, Smartside is designed to be there a while. One of the best things about it is a warranty that excels as the best in the business, so contact us now to find out about the product that gives the best results.

Financing for Siding Installation

The average cost of siding installation ranges from $6,000 to $16,000 in the United States. That can be a daunting number for a homeowner, because a lot of people don’t have those kinds of savings. If that sounds like you, you’re in luck.

Hearth has a pre-approval process that doesn’t impact your credit and only takes sixty seconds. In as little as a minute you can find out if you qualify for a payment plan to fit your budget!

If you want to hire the best siding contractor in Red Bank, TN that offers the top product in the field and premium financing that you can afford, call us today and get started!

Siding Installation Tips

Siding installation in Red Bank, TN generally takes as much as two weeks from start to finish. Factors that affect how long it takes are the number of floors and the style of home you have.

Our workers are very careful when we work, because we care about your home and want to earn your satisfaction. However, some things you might want to consider doing when we’re at your home are to move vehicles into the garage or onto the street and keep anything that could be damaged out of the yard.

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