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If you’re a homeowner needing tree removal in Lupton City, TN, we here at VLR Homes, LLC are the solution and it doesn’t end there.

Removing a tree can leave the stump and roots to deal with, not to mention all of the branches and leaves. Lucky for you, we offer services to deal with all of it! We understand that a leaning, old, or rotting tree can be a danger for your home so we want to do everything we can to help. We’ll go out of our way to make sure that you’re satisfied with our work and protect your property. To get started, give us a call at 423-493-3636!

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Everyone is friendly and does very professional work. They are always prompt, and when they were finished, cleaned up everything. I would recommend them to anyone and will surely use them if we need more work.
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High quality and professional work was done every day and all the time. We have future jobs coming up. They will definitely be the ones we use.
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Tree Services


Like we said earlier, our tree services in Lupton City, TN extend well beyond just taking out a tree. Our team of professionals is experienced in the clean-up after, which involves anything from leaves and branches to random debris. We want to take that burden off of your shoulders, because without proper equipment and manpower that kind of task can take hours of your time.

Of course, a falling tree isn’t the only danger to your home. A large branch hanging over your home could fall off and cause significant roof damage, which would be expensive to repair. If a tree is tall enough, branches could tear off shingles or scratch up windows on a two-story house. We added all of these tree services in Lupton City, TN after noticing potential danger to a client’s home and being asked to take care of it for them.

We say that so that you know you’re in experienced hands, because we want you to know you can call us even if you just need branches trimmed back. Doing that without damaging your house or property can be tricky without the right people to help you, so we’re here to help.

Tree services in Lupton City, TN are our specialty, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us whether you need an entire tree removed or a large amount of debris cleared!


One of the big reasons that we say tree services is because of what’s left after a tree removal. There are a lot of roots woven into the ground underneath to hold it up, so taking the tree leaves an unsightly stump. Thankfully, we provide stump grinding in Lupton City, TN whether it’s left after our work or there when you moved in.

Maybe you have plans to install a garden in your yard or don’t want to run into a giant tree stump playing football outside. Whatever the reason, you need stump grinding in Lupton City, TN because it’s not as easy as just pulling it out of the ground. Not only does it take specific equipment that you probably don’t have, but it can take a lot of time and work to get at the roots. Stump grinding in Lupton City, TN will mulch the stump into tiny pieces and let us get at the roots underneath, which is the only way to completely remove the stump.

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