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Single hung windows are vertically built so that the bottom pane moves up to open. However, the most common design is double hung windows, where both panes open. Some are even installed with maintenance in mind, so they’re able to be tilted outward.

Because of the added features, though, double hung windows cost double their single-hung counterparts at an average of $500 compared to $250. If you want a more unique window, here are a few of the other most-frequent window installations in Bakewell, TN.


We mentioned earlier that you sometimes just want to look outside and admire the peace of nature, which is the idea behind a picture window. They’re large with no frame and no opening function to interfere with a direct vision of the world for about $600.

Casement windows are similar to the double hung windows in that both panes of glass open, but these can also be built to open horizontally. With minimal framing, you’ll enjoy looking out at the world through these fun windows.

The other one that a lot of homeowners like to go with is the bay window, which has an angled frame that extends beyond your home. With 3 panes of glass inset, these can be installed for around $1,000-3,000.

Cost Factors of Window Installation in Bakewell, TN

The overall cost of an installation varies so much because of different window needs or situations. For example, some Egress windows need an excavator to get low enough to install or Bay windows have 3 panes of glass and need more wood for the frame.

Speaking of the frame, you’ll have material options along with advanced technology for insulation, coating, or sound-proofing. Size also matters when it comes to costs, because larger frames mean more glass.

VLR Homes will work with you to get any potential labor or glass discounts, so give us a call now for your window installation in Bakewell, TN!


Window installation in Bakewell, TN isn’t about choosing the window that everyone else has, but one that suits your needs, style, and desired aesthetic. Because of that, we want you to know a few more options available of the many window types out there!

Bow windows protrude while following your home’s curve. As a custom build with a lot of glass involved, they usually start around $2,000 depending on the size.

Glass Block windows are all about letting in sunlight, which can be great for a coastal area, putting on makeup, or indoor plants. Whatever the reason, the frosted style gives you privacy for the reasonable cost of about $750.

Jalousie is one of the most unique designs on the window market, because they function like blinds and can be made of either glass or metal slats. Flip the lever and your Jalousie window opens, which is an intriguing concept for around $250.

Awning windows are another one with a purpose, because they open upward to do just what the name suggests. Listen to the rain under the protection of your new window for an average of $600.

Garden windows are, you guessed it, specifically for indoor plants, whether in your home or a greenhouse. With a shelf constructed outward, your little sunflower will thank you for the window installation in Bakewell, TN.

Sliding windows are designed like casement frames, but they slide over each other rather than open out. A great feature is that they can come in various sizes to fit different needs, so they range between $300 and $1,000 usually.

Some of the other window types out there are Egress, which are basically emergency exits for you to escape through, Hopper, which stand out because they drop down and provide sealed-in insulation, and Storm, a pane designed to double-pane or replace an existing frame.

If you’re looking more for architectural designs, Arched and Transom windows go over the front door or an exterior window to bring in light or create a historical aesthetic. Both are around $400, while a Round Circle window brings a circular shape for about $100 more.


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