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If you’re looking for the most-picked window style, double hung windows should be your first stop. These are vertical frames where both sides of glass open as opposed to only one with their single hung version. Of course, singles are usually half the cost of doubles.

With the latter being around $500, an added feature is that you can sometimes tilt the window for cleaning. If that’s not what you’re looking for, though, give us a call for your window installations in Dayton, TN to discuss more options!


If you still want the simplicity of double hung windows with a more unique approach, casement windows have the same concept while opening to the sides. Thin frames leaves the design out of view for your enjoyment.

Of course, if your goal is to appreciate your yard or the scenery beyond you really can’t go wrong with picture windows. These are bigger than casement or double hung windows, but the lack of a frame gives you the full picture for an average cost of $600.

Maybe you’re in the market for a big window to take in as much of the view as possible, which is exactly what bay windows are meant for. With a little ledge between your home and the 3 glass panes, you’ll get the absolute most out of your view starting as low as about $1,000.

The Price of Window Installation in DAYTON, TN

What your window installation will cost is up to a number of factors, including the actual cost of the window style you choose. Bay windows usually start at $1,000 for the installation, but they can go all the way up to around 3 times that.

That’s due to the multiple glass panes while an Egress window requires construction to reach the basement for installation. Other factors to consider are the type of materials used, whether or not you’ll want insulation, and size.

Whatever the case, VLR Homes is committed to helping you find discounts. Call today for your window installation in Dayton, TN and get started with experts!


Your choice of window installation in Dayton, TN is about what you want for your home and what will give you the most satisfaction out of the style. While we’ve mentioned a few popular ones, there are a lot of windows out there to fit your intended look.

One of the most interesting choices, and names, on the list is the Jalousie look. They work like blinds, with a single lever controlling when they open and close. Coming in glass or even metal, they’re reasonably priced at $250.

Bow windows stick out for more ways than one, because they actually extend and go along the perimeter of your home. You’ll pay about $2,000 based on how large you need the window to be, though.

Garden windows are meant for anyone with potted plants inside the home, because they create a little ledge for the plants while creating a greenhouse effect. Get this window installation in Dayton, TN for happy indoor plants!

Similar to the intention behind Garden windows, the Glass Block style uses a frosted coating to protect your privacy while the glass lets in as much sunlight as possible. Ambient lighting can be yours for around $750.

Once again, if you want casement windows but want a different method, Sliding windows are 2 panes that slide over one another. While they don’t open outward, they’ve got a lot of size options and the price ranges from $300 to $1,000 on average.

An interesting favorite among homeowners is the Awning window design. Just like their namesake, Awning windows open out and up to provide a little shelter if you want to poke your head outside for about $600 a piece.

There are a lot more style choices for you to sort through, like the Egress window mentioned above that typically acts as an emergency escape for basements all the way to the Storm window, which either reinforces glass or replaces glass in a frame.

Hopper windows provide better insulation to help your electric bill. Maybe you just want something over your door, in which case you might be more interested in the Arched, Transom, or Round Circle styles. The latter goes for about $500 while the other 2 can be $100 less.


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