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There are a lot of options available to homeowners when it comes to window installations in Harrison, TN, but double hung windows are the ones you’ll see more often than anything. Those and single hung open up and down, where the latter’s bottom pane slides open.

Double hung not only lets the top and bottom open, but improved on the design by making it possible to tilt the glass. This makes cleaning easier, but doubles are also twice the $250 price tag of their single hung version, so call us today for more information!


If you want double hung windows but either don’t have room for a vertical window or simply want something more unique, casement windows are a great option. They also let both panes of glass slide open, but they’re framed horizontally with thinner frames.

There are some areas that are so beautiful, you just want to be able to look out from your home and admire the scenery. If that sounds like your situation, you might consider picture windows. Bigger than some, there’s no frame to get in the way of your vision.

Another popular option among windows is the bay option, because it’s larger than most with 3 large glass panes that are extended out from the base of your home. Of course, more glass also increases the price so they can cost as much as $3,000.

Why Prices Differ for Window Installation in HARRISON, TN

VLR Homes, LLC wants to give you the best for your window installation in Harrison, TN so we’ll try to get you any discounts that we can when you hire us.

Still, it’s important that you know what can affect the overall installation cost. Different windows require different amounts of work, like an Egress window that might need construction digging to get to your basement.

The multi-glass windows, like the Bay, can also be more expensive. Other choices you’ll have that could raise the cost are insulation or any kind of special glass coating. You might also have the choice of sound-proofing, which is great for musicians and new parents.


While the 5 window styles mentioned above are the most popular, you have a lot more options if you want a unique look. Your window installation in Harrison, TN can have a specific purpose or be used to give your home a desired aesthetic.

Sliding windows are similar to the casement style, but they do as the name suggests and don’t actually open. A promising feature that appeals to a lot of homeowners is that sliding windows can come in different sizes, which means their cost varies.

If you live in a region with a lot of sun or have indoor plants that need a lot of UV, Glass Block windows might be perfect for you. The best part is that their glass is frosted so people can’t see inside if you want the ambient lighting for $750.

On that note, Garden windows are also designed with indoor plants in mind. Not only do they let in more light, but they protrude from your foundation which creates a shelf for a potted plant.

Bow window installation in Harrison, TN can be more expensive at $2,000, but it’s due to the glass used. It’s usually a longer window that’s built to fit your home’s path.

Maybe you don’t have an indoor plant but you want to be able to look outside at your garden. Awning windows are perfect if you want a small cover overhead, so consider putting down $600 for one of these.

Jalousie windows are the epitome of unique, because they come in traditional glass or slats of metal. If that’s not enough of a change, they also open like blinds controlled by a lever. For $250, you can bring nuance to your home.

We talked a little about Egress windows earlier, but they’re essentially escape hatches for your basement. Storm windows are a great choice if you need new glass for an existing frame or want to reinforce something. Hopper windows have built-in insulation from weather.

Going back to the purpose versus aesthetic rationale, Transom and Arched windows are great for a few reasons. Both are installed over a door or window for ambient, angled lighting or to resemble a period in history. There’s also the Round Circle window available for $500, which is $100 more than Arched and Transom.


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