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Get Your New Window Installation in Ooltewah, TN

Whether you’re designing a new home or it’s time to replace a window, you might be surprised at how many types and styles there are. From purely-aesthetic reasons to weather-related purpose, VLR Homes knows about new windows for your home!

How’s It Hanging?

Some of the most common windows you’ll see are single hung and double hung. Both are vertical designs, but only the bottom panel opens with the single hung style. The top and bottom move on the double hung windows and sometimes can be tilted for cleaning.

Of course, there’s also a price difference since one window opens up half of the other. Single hung windows average between $200-300 while double hung windows usually fall somewhere in the $500-550 range.

We Offer Window Installation in Ooltewah, TN

While they tend to be more expensive due to the size and difficulty, bay windows bring a different level to your home. With an angular frame shaping 3 windows outward, the total for this particular decor starts over $1,000 all the way north of $3,000.

Another common one is the casement window, which usually consists of 2 glass panes that can open vertically or horizontally depending on the design. These are popular because they allow more visibility than most frames and add a vibrant look to your home.

When you picture a lush garden in your yard, do you think of a tiny window or a wide-angle glass wall? Picture windows are the latter, with no obstruction of the view. Fixed in place, they tend to be around $600 to see the outside world uninhibited.

Cost Factors of Window Installation in Ooltewah, TN

There are a lot of factors that can affect the final cost of a new window, from the type of window you select and labor to how large the window will be. Some, like the bay window, involve more glass while others, like the egress window, can involve more work.
There are also different frame builds, such as the traditional wood all the way to fiberglass, and different types of glass with technology to make them sound-proof or insulated. Keep in mind that some glass or installers will offer a discount, though!
Whatever the case, VLR Homes is here for your window installation in Ooltewah, TN. If you have any questions or want to get started on the window you want, call us today and talk to one of our experts!

Ooltewah, TN Window Installation is Our Specialty!

While the previous types may be the ones more frequently requested, there are many windows available that can make your home unique. Here’s a brief description of several more options for you to think about when you call VLR Homes about your window installation in Ooltewah, TN:
Awning- A lot like the name sounds, with windows that open up to provide you with a small awning. Perfect for places with more precipitation, you can get one installed for around $600.
Bow- Similar to bay windows, these are curved around the edge of your foundation. Because they’re custom and they use multiple glass panes, bow windows average about $2,000 or more.
Egress- You may be familiar with the term, so you might’ve already guessed that an egress window is meant as an exit. Many basements have them, whether by choice or city code, in case of a fire. Because of that, however, they can be as much as $5,000 to install if construction is required.
Glass Block- As the name suggests, these beautiful additions allow more ambient light into your home. They’re typically frosted or stained for privacy without restricting light and go for about $700-800.
Arched- If you’re wanting better ventilation in your home but don’t like the idea of leaving a ground-level window open, arched windows might be just the thing. Usually put in over a normal window, add some design flair for about $400.
Jalousie- These are interesting because they can be glass or metal and styled like blinds. A lever on the side controls the slats to let the outside in, which is a unique design for an average of $200-300.
Round Circle- These generally are chosen for their architectural appeal, which is always some circle-related shape. Inspired by historical periods, you’ll pay about $500 for an oval or circular window in your home.
Hopper- Unlike most of the ones on this list, hopper windows open from the top down and take up little space. While they’re around $500 each, hoppers are flush to the frame so they act as insulation.
Garden- Perfect for inside plants, these small windows allow light to pass through. Being framed to create an external shelf, they’re generally in the low thousands to have built, so call us today about your window installation in Ooltewah, TN!
Sliding- Kind of like the casement design, sliding windows are 2 frames side-by-side that can horizontally shift over the other. Ranging in size, a small one could be $300-400 while the big ones are over $1,000 on average.
Transom- You’ve probably seen these before without knowing their name, but these artistic windows are usually at the top of doors or archways. For around $400, you can give your neighbors something to look at before entering your home.

Storm- A cool feature of these is that the storm window sets within an existing frame in your home. They’re great for insulation by giving your window layers and cost between $200 and $500.


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