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We’ve done a lot of windows installations in Walden, TN and the most common one is the double hung style. Those are the two-pane windows where either one can be opened, but a key feature is being able to tilt the glass for easier cleaning.

Of course, you’ll also pay twice as much as their single hung counterpart. Those only let the lower pane of glass open, which is perfect if that’s all you need. Either way, VLR Homes is here for any questions or interest when you’re ready for a new window!


You might be interested to know about some of the other most-common choices for windows among homeowners. Some people can’t have or don’t want a vertical window, which is where casement windows are a solid alternative. They’re basically if you turned double hung windows sideways.

Some people live in a location that’s surrounded by so much natural beauty that it’d be a shame not to look at it every day. What better way to see the world than with aptly named picture windows? They’re larger and have no frame to impede what you see.

Bay windows are even bigger with 3 panes of glass that are all larger. The frame base is built out from the rest of your home and shows much more of your surroundings. The downside there is that 3 large panes of glass can make bay windows cost upwards of $3,000.

Cost Variables for Window Installation in Walden, TN

When you hire VLR Homes, LLC for your window installation in Walden, TN, you can feel good about your choice because we’ll do our best to get you the lowest cost.

However, there are a number of factors that can go into what you’ll eventually pay. You’ve read some of the different window designs and some will obviously be more labor, like an egress window for the basement.

Those may require construction to dig out a hole, but you also have multiple panes of glass in things like bay windows that will be more expensive. If you want to insulate your windows, reinforce them with a coating, or sound-proof them, those can all affect the final price.


The design of your window can affect the cost and help your purpose, but there are a lot more than 5 options when it comes to your window installation in Walden, TN. You might want a certain look or have a need, so here are some more styles to consider.

Where casement windows are horizontal and open out, sliding windows are the same design but slide across to open. One of the best things about sliding windows is that they can be a lot of sizes for almost any project for different budgets.

If you’re a homeowner with a lot of nice indoor greenery or just want better sun exposure, the glass block window could be just the thing. If that makes you nervous about privacy, these $750 windows come with frosted glass so the outside can’t look in.

Of course, if you’re just out for the plants with a greenhouse or aren’t worried about privacy, garden windows are even better for you. They even have an added shelf by extending out from your home’s foundation.

One of the higher-priced options for window installations in Walden, TN is the bow window. They’re huge windows with frames along your perimeter, but they can be around $2,000.

Maybe you do have a plants, but they’re all outside. If you like to just sit with a cup of tea and be proud of your garden, you might want an awning window. For $600, these even have a small extension to keep out rain.

Even the name is unique for jalousie windows, but these are one of the most interesting styles available. Usually made of glass or metal, these lever-controlled windows open like blinds and can be yours for $250.

In case you wanted to know more about egress windows, they’re designed to be an escape if you’re ever trapped in your basement. If your windows break or you want to make one stronger, storm windows can fit in other frames. If you live in the cold or just want to keep temperatures out, hopper windows have natural insulation.

Two other options that can add some historic flair to your home’s appeal are arched or transom windows. One interesting feature about these window styles is that both of them can go over your door or another window to bring in more light. You might also like the round circle window for its similar design, but it costs about $100 more than the previous two.


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